Brand logo is the enterprise's own brand culture or product brand image representative, many designers in the brand logo design often only pay attention to good looks, beautiful, easy to ignore the basic elements of logo design。The constituent elements of logo design are the basic characteristics of a logo, which is equivalent to the framework of a thing, if there is no support of the framework, the logo will have no center of gravity。Therefore, logo design needs to follow the three main basic elements of point, line and surface。"Point, line and surface", as the fundamental constituent elements, have their own characteristics in the shape of logo design。

  First, the point of logo design

The so-called points in logo design not only exist in the concept of status in mathematics, but also have detailed attributes such as size, shape, and direction。In logo design, the factors that emerge in the form of points can often play a pivotal role。Because the point has the function of gathering the line of sight, the elements presented in the logo with the point are often the main points that highlight the meaning of the logo design。In the form of modeling, the point also plays the role of a lively element in the logo, making the form of the logo more active and lively。The points with different characteristics are also the embodiment of the logo expression。

  Two, logo design line

In the formation of the line has the role of cutting and pointing to the leadership。In the reality of logo design, reasonable use of the basic properties of the line can achieve the corresponding goal。Because of the different drawing tools, methods, etc., so that the line has a variety of different expressions, in logo design, the reasonable application of different expressions of the line, is an effective way to convey the feelings of the logo。

  Three, the logo design side

Face is the main carrier of logo shape。The virtual and real relationship is also an important wrist to reflect the visual grade of the logo。Different facial expressions bring different visual sensations to the logo, thus achieving different symbolic meanings。

Point, line, surface is the basic elements of logo design, we often see large and small logo is often "point line surface" mixed application as a design element。A logo wants to strive to be innovative and unique, but also inseparable from the point line and surface, "point line and surface" as a basic modeling element is also inherently related to each other。For example, the arrangement of points can cause lines, the collection of points can form surfaces, and the fracture of surfaces can also form negative lines.。These can be used as the designer's idea and inspiration when designing the logo。

The elements of the point, line and surface are dead, but their use is alive, and the three can directly change slightly in area, state, etc., so in design practice, these basic elements should be used flexibly and must not be used alone。

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