How to communicate with customers,Let customers fully understand the concept of VI design,Is one of the biggest headaches for any designer;Poor communication can lead designers to complain that the client is too difficult,Their designs have been changed repeatedly,Often even overrides and redoes;There are also complaints that customers don't understand VI design,Poor taste,Do not appreciate the "perfect creativity" of VI design。

The result of things is always many things, there is indeed the customer's reason, but there is no own reason?It is certain that there are great problems in the communication between the two sides. Only good communication and communication skills can make the designer's design project get twice the result with half the effort and save time and effort, which isnba game appBrand design company summed up many years of customer exchange experience。

  First, the establishment of real-time, diverse, flexible, smooth communication channels is the premise of the smooth development of VI design

Establish smooth communication channels with customers as much as possible, so that customers can easily find you, but also so that you can deal with unexpected situations more quickly and flexibly;Such as: mobile phone, QQ, mail and so on。

  Second, what do customers really need, multi-dimensional, multi-channel understanding of your customers

When accepting a VI design task, we should first understand the customer's background, product attributes, market conditions and so on。 Then in the formal communication, the customer will feel that you are very professional, will greatly increase their trust in you, so that the future work is smoother。Moreover, the communication before the beginning of VI design is the most important, from the beginning to know the customer's requirements and want to achieve the effect, taboo to assume the customer's ideas and preferences, you can avoid wasting time in the wrong direction of design。

  Third, the customer does not need a so-called "expert" and professor who puts professional terms into practice

In the process of communicating with customers, try to avoid using too professional words and complicate simple problems, but should use simple and easy to understand and image words。An excellent designer can often explain the profound and boring knowledge of VI design vividly and easily.The clients are generally already experienced in the community,So don't flaunt your expertise in front of clients,There is too much jargon in the communication,You will alienate your customers while showing yourself,Even annoying customers。

  Fourth, the customer's ideas and suggestions can help you to avoid detente in VI design

Communication is not only in the early stage of logo design, but also in the VI design process after the logo is determined, so that VI design will not be biased;You need to be informed of customer feedback and ideas at every stage of the VI design process, otherwise, when you think you are done, you will often be depressed。At the same time, try to explain to the client the reasons for determining the VI design project and VI performance, so that the client can understand and accept your design。

  In the design of VI design process, it is best to communicate with the decision maker (decision-making level) of the company or enterprise regularly face to face

The client will also invest a lot of money and energy in the VI design project itself,But it's best if you can establish effective and regular communication with decision makers,In order to avoid the communication and feedback information in the process of transmission of sharp and wrong,Communicating with decision-makers or business leaders in person will be simpler, more direct and effective,And it is beneficial to deepen your understanding of customers and customers' trust and affirmation of you。

  Listen to customer needs patiently, communicate with customers patiently and effectively, rather than imposing your views, ideas and ideas on customers

Communicate with customers patiently and effectively,Your professionalism,It really affects your image with clients,Although sometimes they may not understand,But they will trust professional opinion;same,We also need to strengthen our understanding of customers,First, listen patiently to the customer's needs,Find out what he wants to do,What is his philosophy,Their purpose in doing so and so on。If you already have a fixed idea,Then we need to design and refine on his concept,But make sure it's feasible;conversely,Do not blindly in order to cater to customers or to save trouble to deal with or cheat customers;Make the client's business your own,Even if your ideas are not accepted by the other party,The other person also has a different opinion of you in mind。When communicating, we must listen carefully and be patient. Do not ignore this point and do it perfunctory because of busy work. Experience tells us that people often miss many key details when they are not focused。

  7. Make friends with customers - more friends are easier to go

Whether it is a new customer or an old customer, try to become friends with him first, in order to obtain the trust of customers, let the other party agree that you are a credible person, on the basis of a certain professional skills to believe that your professional and ability, I believe that you can create satisfactory results for him。This design will get twice the result with half the effort。

  Eight, to learn the empathy board

To make customers agree with you, first of all, you must learn to think in the other place, stand in the customer's point of view to think, understand the problem, understand and judge what the customer wants, why?How do we get the right medicine?Only by thinking from the customer's point of view and truly turning the customer's needs into the driving force of the brand through design can your VI design project be completed more smoothly!

  Believe in yourself, believe in professionalism, believe in customers, speak with strength

There are a lot of customers who are critical of your design,Always compare your designs to others,Always think that other people's design is better (even though your design is a hundred times better),But he always asks you to serve him,I don't want to go to anyone else,其实,The client is saying this at the same time,He inspired you to create better designs for him,Show a more perfect effect。Therefore, no matter what the customer says, we must believe in our own ability and strength!With the excellence of VI design works, the brand value generated by VI design to enhance the effect, to prove the value of our existence。You need some patience and some courage to use strength and ability to give customers the best persuasion!

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