A beautifully designed, well-made picture album, while playing the role of spreading information, can greatly enhance the image of enterprises and brands, and establish effective information and emotional communication with readers, so as to gain readers' recognition and good impression。So that readers in the purchase and use at the same time, the brand value has been effectively improved。

新疆nba game appIt is believed that designers should start from the following two aspects in the creative design of enterprise and product publicity album, and seek and break through the method of album expression。

The first is to stand in the producer's position,Fully understand and experience the enterprise's guiding ideology, product characteristics and the level of target objects,To obtain first-hand information about the product;The second is to stand in the market and the audience,Analyze and summarize the desires of consumers,To understand their psychological tendencies and motivations,Then find the best way to express it。Among them, whether the information is correct or not and whether the positioning is appropriate will determine the success or failure of the commercial album design。

In years of album design actual combat, Xinjiangnba game appSummarized the following six design experience and experience, and discussed with customers and peers:

  1. Get it right first, then get it right

Brilliant creative ideas are dazzling and impressive, but the right needs will change people's attitudes and influence people's buying and consumption behavior。For example, when designing the "Company Profile" section of the company brochure,Often designers will find a lot of pictures to place in the company profile page,Including enterprise scene diagram, enterprise workshop diagram, enterprise office building, enterprise product, enterprise leader photos and so on,Such a design can easily draw the reader's attention to these pictures,And the important content of the company profile is ignored,To give the reader a preliminary and general understanding of the enterprise is the function of the "enterprise profile" article,You can't put the cart before the horse,The best idea is not effective in communicating the message,That would be unprofessional。

  2. Focus on the purpose and theme of the album

No matter what kind of commercial album creativity, must be reader-led。Designers have to tell themselves that this album is for readers to see, is to achieve a certain goal and do, it is not to please the advertising award review of the exhibits, nor to let others collect, not to let the creator complacent。Creative people need to deeply understand the mentality of the target object, so that the creativity and design can easily arouse the resonance of readers。

  3. Hit the nail on the head

A writer or director has hundreds of thousands of words or 120 minutes to tell a story, while a brochure has only a limited amount of text and space。The expression of the theme should be accurate and in place, and the benefits of the product should be pointed out, and the essence of the company's brand culture and corporate culture should be explained。Therefore, designers and creatives should be good at making "big articles" around key points.。

  4. Keep it simple

Under normal circumstances, readers passively accept the content and information conveyed in the album. Faced with a large amount of information every day, readers' choice and attention are greatly distracted。Don't overestimate your audience's ability to understand the information, analyze it, and pay attention to your book, especially for senior decision makers, who don't have much time to think and pay attention to your so-called "brilliant ideas.。Therefore, creativity and design methods should be simple and easy to associate。

  5, in color and picture design, to have a visual impact

In the book creative and design process,First of all, pay attention to the theme,Strengthen the visual impact of the layout,Directly attract the reader's attention and emotional response,Improve the attention of the page information and content;Secondly, we should pay attention to the overall unity of the color relationship between the constituent elements,Basic tone,The contrast of brightness, hue and purity of color and the relationship between tone;Third, we should start from the content of the publicity album and the characteristics of the enterprise brand, products and the enterprise itself,Give enterprises and brands, products novel, unique personality,Make good use of the enterprise's VI standard color, auxiliary color and symbolic graphics,The publicity album and the enterprise VI identification system to form a unified whole。

  6. Pay attention to the matching between the elements of the composition of the album, and make the text of the album creative and visual as much as possible

Text content, title, picture, color application,Text layout these elements should match,Focus on relevance and association,As far as possible, the form, style, content and color of the album should be harmonious and unified,If these elements don't match,It will give the reader the impression that they don't agree with each other,Lost the album itself should function,Such a brochure is doomed to have no life。新疆nba game appIt is believed that the propaganda album which can realize the text and visual skillfully is the "good picture album" in the real sense.。

You can go to|nba game app design case nba game app|Browse some of our design works and cases to learn more about the design style and design concept of nba app。

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