When you are searching through the vast array of products in a store or supermarket, your eyes will linger on each product for a maximum of half a second。

Therefore, the packaging design must be direct and intuitive。Good packaging design is the key to sales success, and "packaging is the best advertisement for a product" has become a proverb。At this time, the packaging design strategy that can promote sales and reflect brand value becomes important。

Good packaging design is not only the color, the shape is beautiful so simple。In many industries, packaging design plays a pivotal role。

Especially for the food and beverage industry, the significance of packaging design in marketing is unspoken。In today's increasingly supermarket global shopping, only a strong packaging identification system planning can provide businesses with an opportunity to succeed。

nba game appWhen advertising takes over the task of packaging design, it does not immediately begin to design, but first makes clear the objectives of packaging design with customers。For example, the position of packaging in the entire marketing campaign;A variety of design strategies around price positioning;Who touches the packaging;Whether there is a series;How the audience uses the packaging;And what is the brand value of the packaging;Its role in the overall brand architecture;What kind of brand personality you want to build in the future;How these brand personalities extend to other product lines;At the same time, can the packaging design elements be fully expressed and consistent in the brand promotion;And research what kind of size, material, unit quantity is the most cost saving and does not affect the shelf display effect and so on。

These are allnba game appThe problem solved by the brand design strategy of "packaging as the origin" of advertising - "not only promote sales but also accumulate brand value"。This design concept is the result of our many years of European and American design research and practice。From our case and the success of strong brands in Europe and the United States can prove the importance of focusing on product packaging design in the marketing process。

Therefore, we believe that evaluating the level of a brand consultant and designer can see its understanding of the brand from the packaging design。Because packaging can best reflect a good designer's research on consumer value orientation, understanding of brand positioning, and the ability to build a brand value system with packaging as the origin。

  ■ Packaging design is a competitive design:

Modern products compete with each other to occupy more malls and supermarkets and win more customers。Successful packaging design requires sufficient and comprehensive research, not only to study the product design of competitors, but also to study the way products are displayed and sold, including product marketing methods, environmental lighting conditions, legal protection of identifying elements, consumer awareness, transportation and security。If you see a carton of milk on a shelf in the distance, you know that's our product, and that's what we do。Our packaging design seems simple, but it is quite complex and strategic from planning to actual operation。The design gist is quite clear, to reflect who is the product, people will know at a glance is the basic needs of the product。

  ■ Packaging design is advertising communication:

Product packaging design is not independent, it should also cooperate with advertising and various promotional means。When you see that the communication information of any media can be associated with the identification elements of the package, the publicity value of the advertisement is correct and effective。This is what our "packaging as the origin" brand design strategy solves - "not only to promote sales and accumulate brand value"。Therefore, the packaging design must reflect the objectives of the advertising program through slogans, colors or images。The language on the packaging must be consistent with the sales plan and in line with the overall brand positioning for the target customer group。

  ■ Three principles of packaging design

The so-called packaging, not only has the function of acting as a product protection god, but also has a positive promotional role, with the fierce market competition in recent years, more people are trying to make it play the latter role。

  ★ Eye-catching principle

To play the role of promotion, packaging must first attract the attention of consumers, because only the goods that attract the attention of consumers can be purchased。Therefore, the packaging should use a novel and unique shape, bright colors, beautiful and delicate patterns, and each has its own characteristics, so that the packaging can appear eye-catching effect, so that consumers have a strong interest in seeing it。

The strange and novel shape can attract the attention of consumers。To be prominent and beautiful on the shelf display。

Color beauty is the most easy to feel, some market scholars even think that color is the first factor to determine sales, they found in the long-term market research, some color as a product packaging, will make the product surprisingly bad sales, gray is one of them。They came up with the idea that red, blue, white and black are the top four sales colors, which they discovered when they compared images of red, blue, white, black, green, orange, yellow and brown。

Generally speaking, the pattern of the packaging should be based on the brand trademark, fully display the characteristics of the brand trademark, so that consumers can immediately identify the products of a factory from the phonetic alphabet and the overall packaging pattern, especially brand-name products and brand-name stores, the eye-catching trademark on the packaging can immediately play a role in attracting consumers。The material changes of the packaging also attract people's attention, to reflect the principle of unique beauty, to form a memorable impression。

  ★ Understanding principles

Successful packaging should not only attract consumers' attention and interest in the product through the use of shape, color, pattern and material, but also enable consumers to accurately understand the product through the packaging。Because the purpose of people buying is not the packaging, but the product inside the packaging。The most effective way to accurately convey product information is to truly convey the product image, and accurately convey product information also requires the grade of the packaging to adapt to the grade of the product, and to cover up or exaggerate the quality and function of the product is a failed packaging。

Based on the successful experience of domestic and foreign markets,The packaging of high-end daily consumer goods used by high income earners mostly uses simple and clear pictures,Soft, elegant colors and superior materials;Low-grade consumer goods used by low-income people,The most obvious, bright colors and pictures are used,Use the word "economical" to express it,This is to accurately convey product information to consumers,Make consumers understand。

Accurately convey product information also requires that the shape, color, pattern and so on used in the packaging do not violate people's habits, resulting in wrong understanding, in short, do not use colors that your consumer group cannot understand and recognize。

  ★ Good feeling principle

In other words, the shape, color, pattern and material of the packaging should be able to cause people's favorite emotions, because people's likes and dislikes play a very important role in the purchase impulse。Good feeling comes from two aspects, the first is the practical aspect, that is, whether the packaging can meet the needs of consumers in all aspects, to provide convenience, which involves the size of the package, how much, beautiful and so on。

The good feeling also comes directly from the shape, color, pattern and material of the package, which is a comprehensive psychological effect that is closely related to the individual and the environment of the personal atmosphere。In terms of color, everyone has their own favorite and hate color, which of course can not be forced to be uniform, but there are also common points, such as most women like white and red, pink, they are called female color, female products packaging using white and red can cause women's love。And men like serious black, black is also known as male color, male special products packaging and black can get men's favor。Each nation has a different favorite color,National color,Americans like yellow,There is a good market for articles in yellow packing,Like Kodachrome film,Kadapira, the world's largest manufacturer of construction machinery, etc,Yellow packing often fails to sell well in Japan,This kind of national affection is also relative and changing,We're just emphasizing that feelings of like and dislike can influence buying behavior。

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