Xinjiang trademark design topic: There are tricks to improve the success rate of trademark registration

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  1, trademark name is particular

As we all know, a good trademark name can help enterprises expand visibility and influence, and may even determine the long-term development of enterprises, but not all high-end atmospheric high-grade names can be registered as trademarks。Article 10, Article 11 and other provisions of China's "nba" stipulate that the logo shall not be used or registered as a trademark,If the enterprise uses the name of the country, the national emblem, the Red Cross, etc., it shall not be used as a trademark,Or the generic name of the commodity, the lack of distinctive name as a trademark registration,It won't pass muster with the trademark office,Eventually, the enterprise trademark registration failed。

  2, trademark approximate query need to be careful

In the process of trademark registration, trademark registration failure due to the same or similar trademarks is the most common cause of failure, therefore, before filing a trademark registration application, you need to carefully check the similarity of trademarks。

  3. Registration of combined trademarks separately

China's "nba Game app" stipulates that elements including text, graphics, letters, numbers, three-dimensional signs, color combinations, sounds and other elements can be applied for registration as trademarks,其中,The simple use of one of these elements as a trademark application is called a single trademark,A trademark that uses a combination of two or more elements is called a combined trademark,Such as "text + graphics" trademarks, "letters + numbers" trademarks and so on。The combination of trademarks integrates the different characteristics of various elements, with graphic, vivid image, easy to identify and other advantages, coupled with the combination of trademarks greatly saves the cost of separate registration, so it has been widely recognized and used by enterprises and individuals。

  4, trademark category to be accurate

The selection of goods or services is an inevitable part of the application for trademark registration。China adopts the "nba Game" to divide goods and services into 45 large categories and a number of small items, enterprises and individuals need to choose the category of goods or services as carefully and accurately as possible, in order to clearly specify the scope of protection of the trademark。If the category of the application is not correct, not only can the trademark not play a role in safeguarding the legitimate interests of enterprises and individuals, but also it is very likely to cause trademark similarity when registering the trademark, resulting in the failure of trademark registration。

  5, rejected review should be and

There are many reasons why trademark registration is not successful,Except for subjective reasons from the applicant himself,There are also many unavoidable reasons in the process of trademark application,Such as query blind period, the subjectivity of trademark examination and so on,Enterprises or individuals will inevitably encounter applications that are rejected or opposed,But this does not mean that the trademark is "incurable"。 Article 34 of China's "nba" stipulates: "The trademark Office shall notify the applicant for trademark registration in writing of the rejection of the application and the refusal to publish the trademark。Where the applicant for trademark registration is dissatisfied, he may apply to the Trademark Review and Adjudication Board for a review within 15 days from the date of receipt of the notification。That is to say, in terms of procedure, all trademark applications rejected by the Trademark Office can be applied for review by the Trademark Review and Adjudication Board in the prescribed date, requiring a new ruling。This is equivalent to giving all trademarks that have been sentenced to "death" a chance to be reborn。Therefore, after receiving the notice that the trademark is rejected, enterprises or individuals should not regret and sigh, but should be ready for the review of the rejection in time, and do their best to save the trademark!

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