Logo design not only needs to quickly and accurately convey the information to the audience, but also to give people with beautiful visual enjoyment, simple concept is essential。In order to achieve the simplicity of logo design, it is necessary to simplify and refine the essence from all aspects of its graphics, colors, text, composition and so on。

  (1) Simple graphic elements

Graphics is an important element in design, has a strong ability of information transmission, is a design language, a kind of visual language beyond the country, region, nation, people all over the world can understand the information through simple graphics, simple graphics can quickly and directly convey information to the public。
Japanese contemporary visual design master Shigeo Fukuda once said: "A good design work should rely on graphic language rather than text annotations.。Many logo designs have graphic elements,It's designed to stand out and be different,Design the graphics mindfully,"Strange", "different", "strange" graphics are not the goal of designers,Easy to understand, concise and bright graphic language is to achieve a strong visual impact of the necessary conditions,This visual effect is convenient for the public to recognize, understand and remember the theme of the advertisement。
nba game appThe goal of intelligent creation in logo design is to refine the shallow and concrete graphics into more concise graphics, achieve better visual communication effects, and make it easier for the audience to understand and remember the process, which is the essence of graphic simplicity。

  (2) Simple color elements

The world is colorful, because of the existence of color, our living world is rich, so the color in the logo design is a very important element。Sometimes when we think of a brand, the first impression may be its color, such as Coca-Cola products, we will think of its red, the strong visual effect gives us a deep impression, color also gives the logo design vitality。
The simplicity of color appropriately plays the role of setting off the theme and expressing the theme, exerting its emotional association and symbolic role, in line with the design of the mind, different colors bring different visual and psychological feelings, color can strengthen the visual effect。Now the logo design is to choose monochrome or with fewer colors, simple colors are easy to recognize and remember。The simple color concept is in line with this characteristic。
The charm of color is exactly like this, a simple color can give people unlimited reverie, simple color will not make our logo design monotonous and stuffy, but more able to express rich connotation and ideas。Color is a science, we need to know more about its nature, in order to better use it in our design。

  (3) Simple text elements

Text is also an important element in our design, and it has a powerful ability to spread information。There are many signs in the design is the use of text deformation, this kind of text is refined to form a simple style, both text and graphics。 The other is to appear as the text itself, the simple design of this kind of text should avoid complicated and chaotic, so that people are easy to recognize and understand。
Simple text design is in line with the needs of society, with the changes of The Times, the design is people-oriented, meet the needs of people is a good design。

  (4) Simple composition

Composition is the composition of the picture, which refers to the arrangement of graphics, text, color and other elements in a plane in a suitable position。The appropriateness of composition directly affects the visual effect。Strict, concise and bright layout, harmonious overall sense of the simple picture composition is also the logo design should pursue。The simple composition greatly changes and affects the actual effect of the logo。

The hustle and bustle of modern society, high pressure and tense living environment make people easy to get tired. In the increasingly narrow living space, people yearn to return to nature. Under such a desire, people are more likely to accept fresh, natural, concise and bright design。 Please remember that people are the main body of design, our design should be people-oriented, in line with people's psychological and physiological needs。Simple design concept is in line with people's needs, more in line with the development of society, so we should accurately grasp the essence of simple concept, and use this golden rule in logo design。

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