6 Common mistakes graphic designers make

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Whether you are a freelance graphic designer or an important figure in a large design company, you can certainly learn from the following six most common mistakes we have described for you。Whether you work in a creative design company for a week or 10 years, there is always something new for you to learn。

Not knowing why

What's worse than a design company presenting a project to a client and the client wondering。This often happens because the designer can't understand the client's requirements。If you feel that there is a discrepancy between what you are presenting and what you are saying, don't go ahead and try to design what you think the customer wants. Instead, let the customer be clear about what they want - it can save a lot of time and effort。A description is the foundation of every successful project, make sure you can understand the description of every project you work on - if not, seek clarification。

Fear of challenging excessive demands

Once a client asks for something inappropriate, experience may tell you that it won't work。It could be that the client came up with a horrible color scheme, or they asked you to use a barely readable font。Whatever the problem is, it's better not to just go on and hope for the best, but to know how to challenge the instructions and say, "Well, maybe it would be better if I did this...”

Font handling

A font represents a person - even the most experienced designer can sometimes go overboard。Keep fonts simple and readable - you don't have to be that different person。Sometimes sticking with what you know is the best way。Remember that the font purely represents an actual copy - keep your font clean and easy to read, and let the copy in your design speak for you。If possible, limit font usage to one or two systems - avoid fonts that have a negative impression of the final design。

Avoid regular photographers

Some design illustrations may favor the usual photographer。It's great to be able to buy some high definition images, but the bad news is that the images you use may have already been incorporated into other companies' designs。If you want your design work to stand out from the crowd and try to help clients understand the value of a photographer, hire a photographer whenever possible。

Forget to proofread

There's nothing better than an angry client who spends thousands of pounds on a design firm to be told they're not satisfied, only to be sent a creative letter because of a mistake。This does happen, which is why every designer proofreads their work before sending it to a client。If the client provides a copy, confirm who is responsible for reviewing the project content。

The deadline was not met

Whether you're a freelancer or working for a creative design agency, it's important to meet deadlines set by clients。Nothing annoys a client more than a delayed project deadline - so discuss and agree on a time frame and don't miss the deadline。Every graphic design company should do their best to meet every project deadline。

The above graphic designers often make six mistakes, you have these bad habits in it?If there are any problems, correct them and encourage them if there are none。


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