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Brand concept

Brand is quality, is efficiency, is competitiveness, is vitality。

In the deepening of the development of market economy today, the importance of brand for the survival and development of enterprises has been well known, brand strategy has become a magic weapon for many enterprises to remain invincible in the market competition。Brand culture is one of the core issues to establish corporate image and enhance corporate competitiveness。Brand is the identity of the enterprise that owns it, which is different from other enterprises. It is not only the identity of the enterprise image, but essentially represents the consistent commitment of the seller to the product features, benefits and services delivered to the buyer。Brand is the guarantee of quality, is the quality of service, is the crystallization of corporate culture, is a symbol of the enterprise。

Does your company not have a VI system yet?

There is no VI for a modern business,It means that its image will disappear in the vast sea of commerce,Indistinguishable;It means it's a soulless money-making machine;It means its products and services have no personality,Consumers are hesitant about it;It means the team is divided and morale is low。Enterprises can achieve this through VI design。Obtain employees' sense of identity and belonging internally, strengthen enterprise cohesion, establish the overall image of the enterprise externally, integrate resources, and convey the information of the enterprise to the audience in a controlled way. Through visual codes, constantly strengthen the awareness of the audience, so as to obtain recognition。

VI design is not optional or for the enterprise paint powder, decorate the facade!

To design and implement a scientific visual identity system is a fast and convenient way to spread the business philosophy, establish the visibility of the enterprise and shape the image of the enterprise。The design of VI is by no means optional or for the enterprise to paint powder, decorate the facade,Its significance lies in putting the corporate concept in text format,The most accurate and effective transformation into a visual symbol system that is easy to be recognized, remembered and accepted by people;It is the same as the rules of grammar and rhetoric in the system of text format,In the visual format system,It also has its own independent laws and norms,Not a simple game that any untrained professional can play。

The customer is not God!The customer's customer is God!

Do not be an artist, excellent artistic performance is only a means to serve the customer's brand and marketing goals。The quality of a commercial design is not our decision, nor is it the decision of any visual artist, the target audience is the final judge。
Design is the visual embodiment of the brand, a good brand needs everyone's cognition, and at the same time, the most suitable expression method, the most effective brand strategy, the most concise and understandable way to instantly let the audience recognize and remember,The original intention and destination of design - all for the consumer,And not just to satisfy the aesthetic preferences of business leaders。

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Design concept
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