Some principles of text design

Posted on 2016-06-10

Font design Writing is an important part of human culture。No matter what kind of visual media, text and pictures are its two major components。The quality of text arrangement and combination directly affects the visual communication effect of its layout。Therefore, text design is an important component technology to enhance the visual communication effect, improve the appeal of the work, and give the aesthetic value of the layout。Here, I would like to talk about several principles of text design in graphic design and some points that should be paid attention to in the combination of text。In particular, this is supposed to be done by the human brain, and computers cannot replace it。

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Create a brand do not ignore the brand core values

Posted on 2016-05-05

Brand core value Build an independent brand。However, many small and medium-sized enterprises are prone to make an important mistake in the process of brand building: ignoring the core value of the brand。A mature brand contains a very wide range of connotations,But the core value of a brand is the most important asset of a brand,It is the most important association consumers have with brand attributes and benefits,It is when consumers mention a brand, they first think of the brand's unique brand characteristics,Core values are the most important force to make consumers love a brand,All brand marketing activities of an enterprise should be carried out around core values。

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What is the most valuable core of a brand?

Posted on 2016-06-05

The soul of the brand is the core value of the brand。The core value of a brand includes three parts: functional benefits, emotional benefits and expressive benefits。The product provides functional usefulness to consumers, and it meets the functional needs of consumers。Brand, which represents a kind of value and feeling, conveys a kind of emotion and feeling unique to the brand. The elements that produce such value and feeling are experience of use, price, appearance, sensory enjoyment, intuitive association, and the art of persuasion in advertising。

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Believe in the power of the brand

Posted on 2016-05-05

Brand is intangible assets, for enterprises, brand is competitiveness, brand is sales force, brand is vitality!The high added value and high profits of the products brought by the brand to the enterprise is the basis of the core competitive advantage of the enterprise, the key to the sustainable development of the enterprise, and the general trend。As an advertiser, we shoulder the glorious mission of "intelligent" brand for customers, we must pass the brand awareness, values and concepts to every customer, so that they believe in the power of the brand, believe in the power of communication, believenba game appThe power of intelligence。

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How to solve the problem of difficult registration when naming a brand

Posted on 2016-04-19

Now brand naming has become more and more difficult, in our country has registered more than one million trademarks, brand names are concentrated in the common use of more than three thousand words。At present, it is difficult to re-register names with two characters, because it is easy to be the same word or homophone。This is especially evident in the naming of food brands。In the creation of a new brand, it is often encountered that the brand name you have spent a lot of effort to create is the same, similar or similar to the existing brand name (or trademark), which can not be registered。So, how to solve this problem?...

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Less is more -- the application of simplicity in logo design

Posted on 2016-03-20

In the hustle and bustle of modern society, high pressure and tense living environment, people yearn to return to nature, return to salted eggs, the real life, under such a desire, people are more likely to accept fresh, natural, simple and bright design。nba game appThe goal of intelligent creation in logo design is to refine the shallow and concrete graphics into more concise graphics, achieve better visual communication effects, and make it easier for the audience to understand and remember the process, which is the essence of graphic simplicity。

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There are tricks to improving the success rate of trademark registration

Posted on 2016-02-15

As the market economy becomes more and more diversified, more and more trademarks appear in the eyes of the public, I believe that everyone is gradually aware of the importance of trademarks for enterprises。Trademark is the carrier of the brand, is the commodity production, distribution and service of the enterprise and individual mark, not allowed to be infringed or damaged by others, with exclusivity or exclusivity。Trademarks reflect the reputation of enterprises and goods, can promote consumers to buy a license, registered trademarks have strong competition。Only by carefully following the principles of trademark registration can we effectively improve the success rate of trademark registration...

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Milke old Xinjiang milk tea brand story

Posted on 2015-10-12

Excerpt from the story of Milke's old Xinjiang milk tea brand: "Princess Jie You brought the homemade milk tea to the King of Wusun to taste, the king of Wusun liked this new drink very much, and gave the milk tea a nice Wusun name -" Milke ", which means strong and smooth。This kind of homemade milk tea quickly caused Wusun's ministers and dignitaries to follow suit, and Princess Xie Yue often rewarded her ministers with milk tea and treated her friends and relatives。People soon followed Princess Jieyou's example, and the trend of drinking milk tea was popular for a while, and people even thought that the reason why Princess Jieyou was so beautiful was related to drinking milk tea all year round....

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Xinjiang nba Game app【新濠天地】

Posted on 2015-09-20

With the continuous development of the market economy, we cannot but see such a trend: the homogenization of products or services has intensified the competition of brands and markets。Simply put, the logo is the proprietary symbol or mark of the enterprise, product and service, is the most visual brand of the enterprise product or service directly, the importance of the logo is becoming increasingly prominent, which has long been an indisputable fact...

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Talking about the way of communication with customers in VI design

Posted on 2015-08-10

How to communicate with customers,Let customers fully understand the concept of VI design,Is one of the biggest headaches for any designer;Poor communication can lead designers to complain that the client is too difficult,Their designs have been changed repeatedly,Often even overrides and redoes;There are also complaints that customers don't understand VI design,Poor taste,Do not appreciate the "perfect creativity" of VI design...

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Xinjiang nba Game app【新濠天地】

Posted on 2015-07-20

A beautifully designed, well-made picture album, while playing the role of spreading information, can greatly enhance the image of enterprises and brands, and establish effective information and emotional communication with readers, so as to gain readers' recognition and good impression。So that readers in the purchase and use at the same time, the brand value has been effectively improved...

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Xinjiang nba Game app【新濠天地】

Posted on 2015-06-15

When you are searching through the vast array of products in a store or supermarket, your eyes will linger on each product for a maximum of half a second。Good packaging design is the key to sales success, and "packaging is the best advertisement for a product" has become a proverb。At this time, the packaging design strategy that can promote sales and reflect brand value becomes important...

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