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Some company logos can truly represent the image of the company and help the development of the company, but some company logos have completely destroyed the image of the entire company, and have affected and hindered the future development of the company, the promotion and accumulation of brand value。When designing a company logo, what are the most critical issues in order to truly succeed?现在nba game appBrand design to give you the following analysis:

The real success of a company's logo design lies in its acceptance by the public mind。Any design must eventually go out of the theory, into people's cognition and perception, and really can let the public accept the logo, so that more people can remember your brand, otherwise it can not be considered a success。The process of company logo design should be combined with the public's acceptance psychology, which has a very important role for anyone。

In the process of logo design, the company did not take into account the specific industry, and then match the appropriate color。In the awareness of many people, there are color restrictions on different industries, at least some colors are not widely accepted。logo design is not the creation of art works, can be based on their own likes and dislikes or emotional expression unrestrained。Really good company logo design, in the entire design process will inevitably take into account this factor, so that the public can be more widely and easily to accept and recognize。

The company logo design looks simple, but when it is really done, it needs to take into account all aspects of factors and combine the consumer psychology and cognitive psychology of the public, which are of great importance at any time。In the process of logo design, we should consider all aspects from many different angles, and finally achieve better design results, and it will be accepted by more people。logo represents the corporate image of the company, and to a large extent is also a symbol of corporate culture, so we should pay attention to the design of the company logo。


Xinjiang nba Game app brand planning and design Agency (abbreviated as: nba Game app),Focus on logo design, trademark design, VI design, packaging design, album design for more than 10 years,With accurate practical design means,Promote brand value;Market demand-oriented,Tailor-made accurate brand solutions for enterprises,Through professional, effective and concise brand planning and design,Breathe life into the brand,Bring to market,So as to win the recognition and favor of consumers and users。

The core of nba corporate culture - wisdom in the heart to form

"Wisdom in the heart, built in the form" is the core of the corporate culture of nba, in short, with wisdom and professional services, tailor-made accurate brand solutions for customers。We believe in professional power, and strive to use excellent design to help customers reduce business operating costs, create brand competitiveness beyond competitors, use the power of the brand to enable customers to achieve business goals, and use the power of the brand to drive the sustainable development of the enterprise。
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