Before the whole set of vi design, we should communicate and investigate with the customer

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Design is not imaginary, different companies will have different requirements and needs for design, in advance of these needs and requirements to investigate and understand, so as to better complete the whole set of vi design。nba game appBefore the design, we will always have a more in-depth understanding and communication with the customer, in order to understand the customer's ideas。So, what aspects of communication do we need to carry out when facing customers?

First of all, before the whole vi design, we should understand the industry where the company is and the positioning of the enterprise。Different industries are different in the public mind, and the position in life is also different, you first understand the industry of the company, so that it is easier to design。Each company has its own positioning, and this aspect is also important for the entire vi design。

其次,In the process of communicating with customers,It is better to know what the customer really thinks,And some of their ideas for the whole vi design,These aspects may seem trivial,In the end, it may directly affect the design result,After a targeted understanding of this aspect,You can also better complete the entire vi design。Anyone must do a good job before doing this, which is the premise and basis for our design。

Therefore, before the whole vi design, all aspects of things need to be arranged in general, which is very important for everyone。In the process of doing things, some people do not carry out a more in-depth understanding and investigation of the enterprise, nor do they establish a good communication with customers, cover their heads and design, and want to be creative, so that they can not achieve the final goal and achieve the desired effect。Taking these aspects into account in a targeted way is of great benefit to all designers。

Before you begin to design the overall VI, have you conducted in-depth communication and research on the company you serve and the direct decision makers?If not, drop what you're doing and start from there.


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