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Corporate logo design often represents the image of an enterprise, can reflect the cultural level of the enterprise, so at any time the corporate logo design can not be sloppy。Under normal circumstances, whether it is from the official website of the company, or from the business card you pass on, the first thing that will be reflected in the customer's sight will be your corporate logo。 A professionally designed corporate logo can reflect the temperament of the enterprise;Tell the customer that this is a professional and serious business。However, what kind of corporate logo design is reliable?

Don't obsess over the meaning of the logo

>无论你标志设计的寓意多么完美,那往往只是自我欣赏。 So there's no need to spend a lot of money on the "perfect logo."。 A LOGO that conforms to the design specification and corporate style is often enough。Because no business is successful because of a good logo, although most successful businesses have a good logo。

Professional LOGO design is not expensive

Expensive design companies often claim that they are responsible for the LOGO design of mobile, telecommunications, and various top 500 enterprises, not to mention the authenticity of their cases, in fact, many famous domestic enterprises are not excellent logo design。So through Xinjiangnba game appSpend 8,000 yuan design fees by professional designers to create the logo is not inferior to the logo design of domestic large enterprises。

What makes a great logo

A good corporate logo needs to meet three basic conditions。First of all, it needs to fit the temperament of the company itself and the industry it is in。 Second, the design needs to be rigorous and standardized and conducive to the dissemination of corporate image。Third, it has strong readability/recognizability/memory。下面nba game appSpeaking of the basic elements of professional logo design:


The most important characteristic of corporate logo is to improve the communication of corporate image。The spread of a LOGO is based on three elements: easy to recognize, easy to apply, and easy to remember。 These three elements all have a common premise - simplicity。 Comparing the two designs below, it is clear that the second simple design is easier to remember。Therefore, in the process of logo design, it is easy to quantify the complexity, and often the simpler the design, the more memorable it is。 Of course, it's easier to spread。

Simple designs are easier to remember and spread


同样处于简单的考虑,专业的标志设计一般不会使用超过3种颜色; 同时色系的搭配也非常重要。

Logo design generally does not exceed 3 colors;The use of the same color scheme is easier to impress people with colors,

Compare the two examples above, one using 2 colors and the other using 5 colors。Once again, simple designs are easier to impress。 At the same time, because the first design uses the same color system (green), users will naturally associate the logo with green, leaving a deeper impression。


Overall make sure your font matches the tone of your brand。Serious brands use serious fonts。Traditional brands use traditional fonts。Modern brands use modern fonts。

Choosing a suitable font and making appropriate modifications to the font makes the LOGO more unique。

The difference between the two designs is obvious。 The first clean and sharp font effectively reflects the positioning of the company。 The second, relatively cartoonish font is directly reminiscent of child-related services。

At the same time, the existing fonts are adjusted in the design。Add a curve, change the aspect ratio, remove certain elements, or use other design techniques to make the design more unique and more consistent with the client's brand positioning。


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The core of nba corporate culture - wisdom in the heart to form

"Wisdom in the heart, built in the form" is the core of the corporate culture of nba, in short, with wisdom and professional services, tailor-made accurate brand solutions for customers。We believe in professional power, and strive to use excellent design to help customers reduce business operating costs, create brand competitiveness beyond competitors, use the power of the brand to enable customers to achieve business goals, and use the power of the brand to drive the sustainable development of the enterprise。
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