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I believe that most entry-level logo designers are more interested in a topic: What should a good logo look like?Why is everyone talking about simplicity?How many customers in China understand the importance (value) of the logo to the enterprise??How much do you know as a designer?What do I need to know before making a sign for a client?What information do you need your customers to convey to you?

The importance of the logo to the enterprise?

Corporate image, many people say that the logo represents the image of the company, the face, do a good look, the company will develop well?Not necessarily. Like Want Want, you know。But the enterprise must have a logo, as for the development of good and bad is related to many factors, the designer's responsibility is just to design a suitable logo for the enterprise on the line, just imagine, if you close your eyes now, think of McDonald's, you will think of chicken legs first?It's the yellow arch M?

If a product is put on the market without a LOGO, no one will know about it。

For enterprises, what kind of logo is the most appropriate?

nba game appIt is believed that this is related to the attributes of the enterprise and the stage it is in。In recent years, the logo of many companies has been revised to simplify, but some have done addition on the basis of the original, which is to see whether the company wants to use the name or the graphic as the main visual transmission。As for stages,Such as Nike and Vanke logo,It originally appeared in the form of graphics and text and was later revised to convey only one memory point,Figure or sign,Nike's approach is confident enough,Because we know it's nike when we see a checkmark, but if you're a new company,You just put an icon,Is it possible for others to recognize you?

What are the advantages of graphic logos?

The advantage of graphics is that it has no language barriers, such as Chinese signs, which may be difficult to understand in foreign countries。

What is the meaning of simplicity for logo design?

A lot of people talk about simplicity, but what are the benefits of a simple logo?In most cases, the simple form of the logo can meet most of the following requirements:

First, in terms of applicability, the more simple the logo is more inclusive, can be applied to a variety of environments, a variety of colors, placed on the page without a sense of violation, and even have the role of embellishment;

二,In terms of cost,Imagine if two businesses,One has a complex character shape and the other has a simple English font or a simple graphic scheme (like the Apple logo),The two companies printed 1,000 copies of office and publicity materials,How much more expensive is it to print complex graphics than simple graphics?Think about how much money a simple LOGO would save a business on a yearly basis?It should be more than a million;

三,In terms of memory,Simple and distinctive logos are easy to remember,Why do you say that?,Think of the Mona Lisa and the smile,All we remember is her face smiling,I can't remember the style of her dress,花纹,When we were designing the logo,I hope it conveys a character,Not two, not three,This is cheaper than memory must pass,Because in life, the logo is only a glance,Just imagine,Nike's LOGO designer could have added a silhouette of a shoe to the logo,But this will cause all kinds of inconvenience,There's also an added element of memory。

How to deal with the customer's instructions?

Too many types of customers,There will certainly be client guidance in the proposal,Try to take control by relying on your expertise and experience,In the proposal, the client can say that the color is not good,The font is very primitive.,But can't you change this color to green or something,Change the font to X,This is a bad situation for designers,Eventually, he was reduced to the role of an artist,Remember to do the LOGO thing,You're the expert.。nba game appTry to work with customers who are standing at the same height as you。

Pay attention to the practicality of the logo

Just like many people choose a font based on whether the font looks good or not,But it ignores the practicalities,For example, a large, wide font is used on a small piece of cardboard that needs to save space,The logo needs to be suitable for various occasions and environments,Different size,Even printed on the table,And you can see it clearly when you're sitting in the opposite direction,handsome,Isn't that a little more demanding for a logo?

Good and effective communication with customers is the premise and basis of good design

Many times in the case of not understanding the customer to write, there will often be deviation, and finally just waste of time and energy, more serious is that mutual confidence has been hit。

nba game appIn general, before the design will let the customer let the customer prepare some relevant information, and is conducting a logo design questionnaire for the corporate decision makers, the process of face-to-face questionnaire survey, is also a good and effective communication process with the corporate decision makers。


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The core of nba corporate culture - wisdom in the heart to form

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