I'm sorry paying first and designing for free is the most expensive thing in the world

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"If you don't show me some plans first, how will I know if I like what you've designed??"If I am not satisfied after cooperation, how can I refund the money??"I don't like the design, I can change it several times.?"...Such problems, you must have designer friends have encountered, or have heard。The following text is more sharp, glass heart customers do not take a seat, ignore the floating can。

A customer who carefully manages his own brand/product will inevitably understand the details involved and the future direction of development before he plans to start doing brand design。Therefore, it will not be randomly given to a designer to "try" the scheme, and it will definitely not be given to this designer to decide the direction and "formation" of the "chess game".。Usually through talking with this kind of customer, you know that the customer has no idea about its brand/product, can not say why, say is the big category of successful brand how to succeed we follow how to go thinking, or come to a bunch of "high-grade, atmospheric, high-grade"...These adjectives -- spoken as if not spoken。If you want to ask more carefully, you look embarrassed and start talking。Years of experience in the workplace,I've met a lot of such clients,The end result is often a testament to the difficulty of working together,Even in cooperation,A flash in the pan,Statement of fact,That's the kind of client we can't really serve,Because such clients are never willing to pay the fees that a formal design company should charge。As for the so-called customers who achieve ulterior motives through the draft, it is even more scornful!

Designers rely on Intellectual Property and professional experience in their heads, although intangible, but the most valuable;It is precisely this intangible valuable asset that has become a transaction without cost in the eyes of customers, and they decide whether to pay for it after they are satisfied。Therefore, the client who asks to see the design first, without paying, strongly highlights the fact that the person in charge has absolutely no planning ideas for the brand/product。To put it bluntly, the head is empty!

Designers and doctors, with their own professional ability to "diagnose" for customers, design is a diagnosis of brand/product problems and propose solutions to the science, but also the process of diagnosis and treatment, I believe that no one in the doctor asked: "you did not cure my disease, how do I know whether to pay??So, for what reason do you think it is reasonable to see the manuscript for free?

No brand planning concept of customers, you are welcome to go to the "Weike pig Bajie network" slowly pick, you love how to toss how to toss, anyway see not satisfied and do not spend a dime。However, please remember that a forced design company is not a "Weike pig network" that allows you to wave and call immediately.。When you know how to respect the designer at the same time, the designer will put more attention to the project you deliver;When you know how to respect the designer at the same time, you can let the designer see your respect for their own brand/product。Customers who respect their own brand/product enough, no one will use the "try not to pay" way to cooperate with the designer, so for you, for the designer is too childish, too self-respecting!

Domestic design groups have launched a statement, as long as the designers in the group, will not be allowed to steal cheap, let alone priceless proposals, violators will be removed。I am pleased to see such a trend taking shape。To gain the respect of customers, designers must respect themselves, and the cultivation of the overall design ecology must start from the designers themselves。

Finally, I could not help but be curious to ask again: customer, where do you have the confidence to think that you are qualified to see the manuscript for free?Do you believe that designers who do not respect their own value and are willing to do free work are trustworthy?


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