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LOGO is the consumer's first impression of a brand, and often the most profound impression。In order to leave a deeper brand memory for consumers, many companies have invested a lot of time and energy in creating brand exclusive "super symbols"。However, can your LOGO really make consumers memorable?

in an interesting survey called "Branded in Memory.,156 people were selected as survey subjects,They were asked to draw the logos of ten famous brands by hand, just from memory,These brands include Apple, Adidas, 7-Eleven, Burger King, Walmart, Starbucks, IKEA, Domino's and more。However, the results show that although about 80% of the respondents can recall the brand color, it is difficult to accurately describe the shape and elements of the LOGO, and only less than 16% of the respondents can perfectly recall the brand LOGO。

Even Apple's LOGO, known for its simplicity, turned out to be a surprise。Not to mention the relatively complicated logos of 7-Eleven, Burger King, Starbucks, and Domino's。

But as expected, the experiment proved that the more complex the logo, the less likely people were to remember it。Brand logo will grow with the development of the brand, with the passage of time and change, people will become more and more blurred on its impression。So how can we design a LOGO that consumers will never forget?

1. Simpler is better

As mentioned earlier, the more complex the logo, the less likely it is to be remembered, and the more elements involved in the logo, the higher the likelihood of being vaguely remembered。In real life, we often see "over-designed" brand logos, designers want to convey too much information through a small LOGO, but often lose the focus。In contrast, those logos with higher dissemination are more and more advocating simple design。

2, closely integrated with the brand

The performance of LOGO design is either associated with the product of the brand, or associated with the name, or associated with the cultural concept, etc., so that the information is passed from the brand to the consumer, in order to ensure the accuracy of the information transmission as much as possible。To start from the product, through graphical expression, and product or brand name for strong association。nba game appGood at drawing inspiration from brand name, culture, positioning, etc., combined with the tone of the brand, to form a simple and characteristic brand LOGO。

3. The display form of graphics is more abundant

Many people think that the LOGO only needs to design the font, but in fact, the use of graphic elements can give the logo a richer expression。Especially in the more common categories in daily life, graphics can convey more information。

The connection between consumers and brands is a process from recognition to cognition, and recognition is the most basic。In this, the brand LOGO plays a pivotal role。However, although the brand is well-known in the world, its brand logo can not be accurately recognized by most people, so for enterprises, the design and communication of brand logo is a big problem that can not be ignored。


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