Item category | brand image VI design
行    业 | Cashmere products
Project location | Urumqi, Xinjiang Province
Creation time | June to September 2011
Customer name |
Xinjiang Shepherd Cashmere Products Co., LTD |

Xinjiang Shepherd Cashmere Products Co., Ltd. is a large professional cashmere clothing company integrating scientific research, production and sales, with an annual production capacity of more than 150,000 pieces。The main products of the company are goat wool, carded wool (no wool), combed cashmere strip, worsted no-knot cashmere yarn, woolen cashmere yarn and cashmere sweater, cashmere pants, cashmere scarf and other cashmere products。2011年,nba game appBrand design and Shepherd hand in hand, through brand upgrading, together to create a distinctive regional characteristics and fashion elements of the combination and complement each other's new brand image。

  • Brand image logo design
  • Basic identification system design
  • Office application system design
  • Store system design
  • Showroom environment design
  • Series product packaging design

注:As there are many items in each set of VI manual, the VIS/CI design of the enterprise cannot be shown one by one, and only a select part of the design projects are displayed。

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