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Item category | corporate image VI design
行  业 | high-end meat brand monopoly
Project location | Urumqi, Xinjiang Province
Creation time | July to September 2014
Customer name |
Damoudi Chilled Lamb & Beef |

The brand name "Damudi" originates from the Kazakh language, which is known as the nation on horseback, meaning "delicious, delicious", and is extended to mean "fresh and delicious, fresh and fragrant at the entrance, with more than enough"。In 2014, commissioned by customers,nba game appThe brand planning and design agency has dug deeply into the Kazakh grassland culture in Xinjiang, and used natural elements such as grassland, river and sunshine to create Damoudi's high-end brand of "fresh, natural and original ecology", rich in distinct regional characteristics and good brand association。

  • Brand naming
  • Brand image logo design
  • Basic identification system design
  • Store system design
  • Related publicity material design
  • Brand endorsement image film shooting

注:As there are many items in each set of VI manual, the VIS/CI design of the enterprise cannot be shown one by one, and only a select part of the design projects are displayed。

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