Item category | corporate image logo design
行    业 | Xinjiang specialty processing and sales
Project location | Urumqi, Xinjiang Province
Creation time | 2010年6月
Customer name |
Xinjiang Tianhong Agricultural Development Co., LTD |

The corporate image logo of Xinjiang Tianhong Agricultural Development Co., Ltd. is composed of a green leaf transformed into a flying swan goose, with a bright image and rich association, which vividly interprets the industry characteristics of the enterprise and expresses the corporate philosophy and demands of "good in nature and quality" to consumers and audiences。nba game appAccording to its regional characteristics and industry characteristics, the design uses the Hongyan deformed by green leaves as the main visual element to create, showing the new image vividly。

  • Company LOGO design
  • Basic identification system design
  • Office application system design

注: Based on the customer's commercial design confidentiality requirements, this case design project is not shown one by one, only the corporate image logo performance renderings are shown, hereby explained。

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