Item category | corporate image VI design
行    业 | new environmentally friendly building materials
Project location | Urumqi, Xinjiang Province
Creation time | January - February 2012
Customer name |
Tianlu Technology Co., LTD |

The corporate image logo of Tianlu Technology is designed by the two "T" of the beginning letter of the English name "Tianlu Technology" after modification and ingenious combination。nba game appThe brand design is in the design of the two letter "T" of the main creative element,Incorporating clever variations,Make it full of human movement,It's simple and easy to remember,And fully highlights the virtuous cycle of Tianlu technology,The vitality and vigor of high-speed operation,Blue and green combinations,Meaning enterprise scientific and technological innovation concept and commitment to environmental protection of social responsibility。

  • Company LOGO design
  • Basic identification system design
  • Office application system design
  • Corporate image brochure design

注:As there are many items in each set of VI manual, the VIS/CI design of the enterprise cannot be shown one by one, and only a select part of the design projects are displayed。

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